Apex Legends: 5 News Weapons

Apex Legends has already been available for two months, however, only Havoc has appeared in the Canyon des Rois. Today, the dataminers would have found 5 potential weapons that could arrive in the coming months in Apex Legends.

A month after the appearance of the Havoc in game, Apex Legends didn’t really have anything new in terms of weapons. But that wasn’t counting the @RealApexLeaks dataminers who would have found 5 3D weapon models in the game files. Clearly inspired by Titanfalls, they have every chance of reaching the Canyon des Rois.


Famous weapon of Titanfall 2, the EPG is an energy weapon. She was able to eliminate her opponents with a single bullet. However, the weapon had a low firing rate and would fire a bullet.


The ARL was not present in Titanfall, however, it strangely resembles the Sidewinder. It was a kind of mixture between Havoc and Devotion. She had an enormous rate of fire and was formidable in mid-distance. But not having the same name, it is possible that Respawn will change the entire weapon system, but keep the skin of the Sidewinder.


Also present in Titanfall 2, Archer is a real rocket launcher. Its arrival in the Canyon des Rois could change many things because of its monstrous power. The explosion of his rocket would dislodge some campers in the many houses of Apex.


The Defender is very similar to Titanfall 2’s Charge Rifle. Nevertheless, its use is identical to the loaded Havoc. It consists of loading a shot and then releasing a huge laser with a huge range.


A must for Titanfall 2, Softball is a grenade launcher. Indeed, in Apex Legends, explosives are restricted by the game’s three different grenades. The arrival of Softball would diversify the gameplay by integrating a weapon capable of destroying an entire squad in a single ball. Like its counterpart Archer, it could also be an anti-camper solution.

These weapons were already found in the game files last month, and then deleted. It is possible that it is only Respawn’s ideas about future weapons since nothing official has been announced. For the moment, only the L-STAR seems to be ready to be released in Apex.

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